Monday, 1 February 2010

Branching Out

I've recently invested in some porcelain paint pens and have been starting to draw on ceramics. Cor blimey gov, it's well fun. My first works were these - a set of two cups and saucers - decorated quite boldly with red and black:

They are now for sale in my Folksy shop and shall be joined shortly by some nice mugs!


  1. they are lovely im also nuts about painting on ceramics peboe paints rule they smell wonderful not that im encouraging this.... the red black and white looks great cute design ill keep a look out for your next ones......

  2. These are great, and so neat and professional looking! Do you have to cook them after you've done the art work? And can you use them on any ceramics?

  3. i think i have fallen in love with the lady bird, i love her eyelashes!!

  4. Thank you Claire, it's so addictive! I mean, I always love drawing, but putting those drawings on something 3D takes it to a whole new level of exciting. Yes, I have always been this sad and easily amused. ;)

    And thank you Tara! You do have to cook them, yes - just half an hour and the job's a good'un! You can use the pens on porcelain, glazed ceramics, metal, terracotta and glass, so plenty to try out there.

    Stuffednonsense - fanks(!) - the lady bird may well be making her way to you on a design of some sort for your Haiti sale! Hurrah!

  5. oooh these mugs are so cute! I'd love to have my morning tea in one of those!
    I used to go to a place locally called "fire your imagination" and you could paint your own mugs and things and then they would fire them for you. It was great fun! I never made anything as lovely as these though. Xx

  6. Aww, thank you Olly! :D Fire Your Imagination sounds like fun - did they give you tea afterwards in your mug?! I think that would be a perfect day out for me if they did! xx


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