Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Terwit-terwoo Tuesday!

I thought I'd celebrate my love for owls today by doing a little blog feature full of wonderful goodies I've found on Folksy. Without further to-dooo-ooo-oooo *ahem* here they are!

This super-cute Owl Coffee Cosy from the delightful Blonde Design - just check out all those wonderful fabrics in her range of homemade accessories for the home. From aprons to bags to purses to tissue covers, you're sure to find something colourful and quirky to love and treasure. I also particularly like these Lavender Owls from the same talented lady:

Then there's these adorable Baby Barn Owl Rubber Stamps from the brilliantly named Skull and Cross Buns. 

There's a range of beautiful designs on her Folksy shop, plus she takes custom orders, all hand-carved and charming. 

So we've had coffee-warming owls and lavender-scented owls, rubber-stamping owls and now for a neck-adorning owl with this suuuuuper illustrated Big Yellow Owl Necklace from the delightful Wollies. 

I love her description of this being "home baked" - just makes it look even more delectable, like an intricately iced biscuit, but I'm sure this owl would be happier around your neck than in your tummy. I love the other items in her shop too, especially the acorn and moth jewellery. Colour combinations are just divine. 

So your coffee's warm, you smell nice, you've stamped every bare surface with a baby barn owl, a big yellow relative dangles from your neck (sounds painful?!) and now you need something to keep your phone company. Queue these extraordinarily cute Snish Owl Phone Charms from Whatnot By Tee. Made from clay and varnished to be waterproof, I think they're just hooootiful! I'm going to stop there before I sound like that hideous Bernard Matthews advert. 

Last but not least, this delicate and detailed Owl Screenprint Postcard, which you can send to your friends when you tire of texting. It's by Oh Badgers, and is hand-printed in two yummy toffee colours:

There's so much more that I could pick out, but these are a few of my favourites. Over and hoot!


  1. What a lovely treasury! Thanks so much for including my owl stamp :-)

  2. You're very welcome! Thanks for making such lovely things! x

  3. Thank you so much for this Xx

  4. This post has prompted a conversation that went

    Husband 'Lisa, do you really need another stamp?!'
    Me 'It's got an OWL on it'
    Husband 'You've already ordered it haven't you?'

    Thank you, for I love the stamper!

  5. Haha! An owl stamp is a must have!! Glad you enjoyed, thanks for the comment. x


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