Wednesday, 11 May 2011

You Are Invited To My Tea Party

I can't help but think this would make quite nice smooth, matte-finish wallpaper for a feature wall in a jazzy tearoom... Maybe? Or tablecloths. Curtains? More is more!

Ahem. Which colourway do you like? The olive-green has a distinct 1940s wartime feel to it I reckon. I decided to stick with a block-colour background and black and white illustrations, as all the cups and cakes and whatnot have a lot of detail, so didn't want everything to become too messy. But could experiment with line colour? What do you think?

Closer-up in golden yellow:

That (hopefully) subtle olive-green:

Duck-egg adoration:

A sweet and sugary coral. I think this may be my favourite...

You may recognise this teatime ensemble (bar a few cupcakes) from my website homepage. I thought I'd give them another lease of life to show them I care. ;-)

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