Thursday, 28 May 2009

Portly Mole... Portly Mole...

Self-written story Portly Mole And The Unimaginable Happening. Selection of colour spreads:

"Portly Mole lived in a hole, as moles do. But Portly Mole liked to get out of his hole and explore..."
"Portly ate them all... one, two, three..."

"Not far away, somebody was watching... Down flew Pigeon, woops-up-and-over. 
'Coo!' said Portly, 'I could never do that!'.
'No you couldn't," said Pigeon, "You're far too fat, but I know just what to do about that!"
"So POP! came Portly out of his hole, and off he flew after Pigeon."

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