Thursday, 28 May 2009

My Latest Purchase

In a bid to draw more, I'm going to start a "My Latest Purchase" thread, where I can document all my good, bad and indifferent purchases with quick little sketches. So here's post number one: 

Carmelengo In A Bottle

So I'm in Asda, my favourite place on the planet (okay, maybe not my most favourite place, but it's pretty high up there along with petting zoos and launderettes), and I think "Hmm, I could do with a new deodorant." Along I go to the personal hygiene aisle (which is ironically full of smelly fatties... my love of Asda does not extend to its customer base) and I peruse what they have on offer. 

A) Liking a bargain and B) being particularly broke at the moment, my eyes are drawn to the roll-on with the roll-back sign on the bottom shelf - now only a pound. Sounds good, pick it up, make the purchase along with my other groceries. Now, a savvier person than myself may have thought "What's the reason for this deodorant to now be less than half of its original price?". When I got home and opened the lid, I quickly found the answer after being shot sideways across the room in the equivalent of nasal Hiroshima. Rosemary and sage in a potency so concentrated I'm surprised the plastic container hadn't melted. Why had I bought a deodorant to make me smell like a herb garden!? And more to the point, a herb garden circa 1127 tended by monks? Anyway, thus is the explanation behind Carmelengo In A Bottle (you gotta rub it the right way).

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