Wednesday, 3 June 2009

All things bright and beautiful

Bonjour. I've got so many things whirling around in my head at the moment, that I figured the best thing to do would to be to write them down. I find comfort in lists. 

Events of the past few days have been many and varied. Here they are as I can remember them:

I went to the Peak District with two of my best girlies, where we stayed in a little cottage, ate more than I care to mention and laughed more than I dare to mention. Cream teas, sunshine, water fountains, BBQs, baths... a little bit of heaven on earth. I even bought a straw hat and wore shorts to maximize the holiday experience. One of my favourite quotes from the few days we were away comes from my dear friend Katie. She has a way with words. Unfortunately for her not always a good way, but it makes for hilarious hearing. This time, she was commenting on the delights of sunglasses: "People-watching in sunglasses is great. No-one can tell where your eyes go! I'm always thinking 'Mmmm, she looks nice...'" I should maybe point out that Katie has a boyfriend and doesn't find ladies attractive in that way, hence why it was so amusing. Maybe you had to be there. 

In other news, I'm going to Lonnndonnn! Have been selected for the D&AD New Blood Exhibition, which is a bit exciting. Apparently, this year the show isn't going to be held in Earls Court, as it usually is, because Madonna wanted the venue! So instead we're at Olympia National Hall. Bloody Madonna. 

Also am in the process of working on my website, designing cards/wrapping paper etc for a market stall and thinking about getting an agent, darling. Hopefully the start of some good times.

Anyway, drawings to come, work to do etc etc etc. But now I'm off for lunch to Croques, which is of far more importance. Melts and tea, hello. 

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