Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My Top 10 Folksy Halloween Treats - Part 1

It's been several years since I joined Folksy now, appearing on and off over that time with some of my illustrated crafts. It never ceases to amaze me how much diversity and talent there is on there!

So I thought I'd take a look at what crafty goodies are on offer for Halloween, that eeriest of all holidays after Valentine's day for the heartbroken singleton...

1) Pumpkin Soap Slice

That's right! Keep those cobwebs at bay by keeping yourself squeaky clean on All Hallows Eve with this deliciously dark-topped, candy-striped pumpkin soap slice by The Soap Loaf Company.

2) Batty Tea Cosy

Appealing to my ever-increasing need for tea and comfort, I happened across this sweet, I mean devilishly scary, tea cosy by The Cosy Daisy. Tea and bats! Who knew.

3) Kitty Collars
Because I'm the type of girl who likes her cats to have a collar for all occasions (and the type of girl who recently bought a miniature Santa hat and Santa's-Little-Helper red 'n' green ruffle for her two feline friends), these snazzy treasures seem more like a necessity than an idle want. 

From Mog's Togs Cat Collars, there are several more Halloween-themed designs too. Enhance your kitty's Spidey Senses! Meoowwll!

4) Mug Cosies

The ideal Halloween day is crisp and cool; Autumn leaves swirling to the ground, a touch of mysterious mist in the air... perhaps from a recently boiled kettle... I think these little mug cosies from The Wooly Knitter are great, and will keep the ch-ch-ch-chill from your bone china.

5) Sugar Skull Mask

I've had a bit of an obsession with sugar skulls for the past year or so, notably since I housesat for an old art tutor who had a house full of Mexican artefacts. There's something wonderfully enchanting about their haunting yet beautiful faces.

I'm painting my face up like one this year, but a quicker and more readily reusable option would be this fantastic polyester felt mask by Janine Basil. Look at those colours!

More treats to follow in Part 2 tomorrow!

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