Tuesday 8 November 2011

Spaced Out Exhibition

After a lot of hard work (why did I think giving myself two months to prepare for my first solo exhibition was a good idea?), my show Spaced Out went up at the Cambridge Art Salon last week and doors were opened to the public on Saturday 5th November. In keeping with Bonfire Night and the chilly autumnal weather, I put on a bit of a spread, with honey-mustard glazed sausages, toffee popcorn 'bark' (amazing) and autumn fruit punch, to give my visitors what I hoped would be a multi-sensory feast (thankfully the smell of burning came from outside the gallery).

I'll give you a little photo tour. Please excuse my reflection creeping into places where it wasn't welcome...

Outside the front of the gallery.

View through the left window.

View through the right.

Here's a clearer view of that painting, taken at home.

A detail.

A bit closer...

As you first walk in, to the left are three paintings of nebulae.
Green (acrylic), blue (oils) and red (acrylic).
You can also see three lovely metal pieces by my friend
Stephen Bedrikovs, inspired by the cosmos and swirling galaxies.

A close up of the beautiful copper dishes.

The Flaming Star Nebula.

The Bubble Nebula.

The Great Carina Nebula.

View across the gallery to the right corner.

The Orion Nebula.

A detail.

Along the right wall hang six digital illustrations - three A2 and three A3. I will blog pictures of these (and the snacks, those oh-important snacks) tomorrow as I'm in need of some shut eye!

The last day of Spaced Out is tomorrow, 10am-2pm at the Cambridge Art Salon, 29 Cromwell Road, Cambridge, CB1 3EB (which is just off Mill Road/Coldhams lane, depending on which direction you come from for any Cambridge locals). Please head down if you'd like to see these paintings, illustrations and metal creations up close and personal, before it's too late!

** A day later than advertised, but here are the digital illustrations that were also on show.

Space Ship, as seen on all the Spaced Out fliers.

A detail.

Meteor Shower

A detail.

The Omniscient Observer

A detail.

The Sky's the Limit
(You may recognise this from my Society6 page.)

Crossing the Asteroid Belt

Catching Stars

A detail.

All prints are available to purchase directly from me, either framed or unframed. Please contact me via email hello@loupeajeux.co.uk for details.

Last but not least, the toffee popcorn bark...

Very simple to make. All you need to do is carefully melt a 200g bar of milk chocolate and a 200g bar of white chocolate (I went for a slightly smaller bar of white with crispy bits in). Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper, poor over 80% of the milk and then white chocolate, swirling it together slightly with a spoon. Scatter over two or three handfuls of toffee pop corn and a generous splattering of M&Ms (I went with red, yellow, orange and brown for an autumn colour palette). Next, use a spoon to drizzle over the remaining melted chocolate. Chill until hard and then snap into pieces. Divine.