Sunday 28 February 2010

Made-It Market

What a weekend! I attended my first (and in fact the first) Made-It Market in Cambridge on Saturday and it was brilliant! A very slow start though, it must be said, which I think was really down to it being the first one and people not actually knowing we were there. Surprise! But a little later the sun came out, albeit briefly, and along with it some customers, a combination of utmost joy! Here's some pics of my stall:

So yes! I shall be there next month too, all being well, so anyone within traveling distance should make their way down to The Shop, Jesus Lane, Cambridge (exact date to be confirmed) to see some Lou Peajeux work in the flesh. And Lou Peajeux herself. With a few secret ideas up her sleeves... And there's lots of other beautiful crafts by other people too. Plus cakes!

Monday 15 February 2010

Valentine's Weekend

Yes, I know Valentine's only really comprises of one date, but I managed to extend it over three days just for the sheer heck of it! Friday night saw my man-friend and I take a trip into town to see Imogen Heap play at the Junction, which was brilliant. I can't really do justice to her performance in this post, so I think I'll save it for a later date when I've got the pictures and videos uploaded.

On Saturday we had a cooked breakfast and then made double chocolate brownies (hurrrr) and watched a Tommy Cooper DVD after dinner. Nothing better than laughter accompanied by a full tummy!

Valentine's Day itself gave me an excuse to get crafty and produce a little bouquet with a bit of a difference:

Tahdah! A dozen sock roses. I need to get some better photos from my camera, as you can't see the stems here, but they were made from corresponding-coloured sherbet straws. Great fun to make and brought a cheesy and slightly taken-aback smile to the face of the recipient, who's a big multi-coloured socks fan! I thought it'd make a change from the usual commercial fluff. And then I surprised him with an indoor picnic, which was a lot of fuss, but a lot of fun, and I always think it's nice to make an effort. (Kudos to Sophie for helping me plan all this!!)

Today I took delivery of a stack of white crockery, which I need to get paining some designs on for my stall at the Camrbridge Made-It Market on Saturday 27th! Slightly difficult to get motivated after such a lazy, indulgent weekend... Sorry if I've made anyone vomit. Ha.

Monday 1 February 2010

Branching Out

I've recently invested in some porcelain paint pens and have been starting to draw on ceramics. Cor blimey gov, it's well fun. My first works were these - a set of two cups and saucers - decorated quite boldly with red and black:

They are now for sale in my Folksy shop and shall be joined shortly by some nice mugs!