Tuesday 30 April 2013

Spring Has Sprung!

Today I've been enjoying seeing the sun shine, the blue skies above and yellow daffodils below - spring seems to have finally made an appearance here in Scotland! For the past 5-and-a-bit months, I relocated with my boyfriend to the Highlands, which is a monstrously hilly place for a girl used to the flat of the fens. It's been a whirlwind of a time. I've learnt a lot. But the winds of change are starting to blow, and the call of the south is strong... It seems high time that I updated my blog with some new things though before we hit the road again.

Spring daffodils! So lovely to see some yellow after so much grey.

A busy three days for our chickens (8 more were eaten!)

Lunch in the sunshine.

A handsome fellow.

A weekend breakfast for two.

Gold and blue.

Wild and rugged.

I made a snake...

We made curry. It was delicious!

My first sighting of a Treecreeper.

A little chappy in the snow.

It snowed some more. This is our friend Tara in the snow.

Snow cat!

Alongside all this, I've illustrated my first children's book! It's the story of Little Red Hen. I'll be uploading some images as soon as I'm allowed.