Monday 21 December 2009

So, this is Christmas

I've been finishing off my wrapping today as more last-minute online purchases have been arriving through the post. I've also taken to wrapping up all mum's presents for her old-lady friends, which has been such a pleasure, because they're the sort of gifts that I wouldn't necessarily buy for my own pals, but they have such a steadfast, traditional loveliness about them (think tins of shortbread, packets of mint chocolate thins, floral notebooks and rose-perfumed toiletries). 

On in the background has been the last few episodes of Jamie's Family Christmas, which has fueled me with some festive food inspiration. I'm determined to have a go at his Mulled Cider idea, adding a vanilla pod to the mix, as well as his buttery roast potatoes and clementine-infused roast carrots. I also really want to make the Hairy Biker's Christmas Panna Cotta so I'll be jotting down some ingredients this afternoon. 

I've had several ideas for new directions I want to take my work in come the new year, because I've really not been happy with how some of my stuff's been turning out of late. Like, it's okay but it's not really indicative of what I feel I'm all about. And I think to make this happen, a lot of change is on the horizon. Time wasting is out (do I delete facebook and MySpace?) and good routines are in. With that in mind, I'm off to finish some designs I've been working on!

Saturday 12 December 2009

Christmas Card Discount

I've discounted my Christmas cards to £1 each as the time grows nearer. I was sad to not be able to get to any craft fairs today, so it's just Folksy all the way now. FREE Father Christmas badge with every order over £5, too. 'Cause, you know, I'm kind like that.

Just spent a very satisfying hour making paper chains. Well, more one, really really long paper chain actually. It's helped me start to not panic re. Christmas preparations, which are a little non-existent in our house so far. BUT! We're going to pick out our Christmas tree tomorrow. Christmas tree + two excitable kittens is going to be mayhem, but it has to be done - Christmas without a tree would just not be, well, Christmas.

As my friends know, if I'm stressed about ANYTHING at any time of the year, I have a nightmare about not being prepared for Christmas. It's usually a combination of having not bought presents, decorations not being put up in time, it getting to Christmas eve and the tree still not up etc etc. A dream I had a few months ago was that Christmas day came and went and I hadn't had a mince pie. And at the rate things are going, this nightmare might be turning into a reality...

Friday 11 December 2009

All I Want For Christmas

It's been a while since I've featured any fellow-Folksy-ers crafts in a blog, so I thought with Christmas on the horizon, now would be a good time to compile a list of some of my favourite things I've seen for sale of late...

1) This gorgeous 'Little Robin Redbreast Copper Pendant' which can be purchased here from Ali Bali Jewellery.

2) These yummy looking gingerbread men soaps from LilyWhites-Handmade. I would sooo be tempted to take a bite out of one of those! (Not recommended though, I'm sure.) I only wish she had some left for sale! I also rather want some of the knitted baby shoes (Mary Janes!) despite not having a baby. But I'm sure I could make use of this teapot jumper. Keeping teapots warm seems more in-keeping with my life than clothing small infants.

3) Bauble made out of sequins and shaped to look like a Christmas pudding!? Hello! This and other delightfully sparkly baubles to be found at Rosy Posies.

4) A beauuuutiful Christmas card from Design Rocks! - a winner with me for several reasons - obviously it features a cup and saucer, contains my absolute favourite colour combinations, hand-drawn style AND some glorious pattern work going on. Good job!

5) Tweet tweet! I am a huge birdie fan, so it's of no surprise that these dear little Christmas tags appeal to me. How cute! Found at Adrianne Illustration who I'm a real admirer of.

Thursday 10 December 2009


I am the badge lady, and rightly proud. Christmas badges are up on my Folksy shop now:

Cute 25mm robin badges perfect for Christmas stockings up later!

Tuesday 8 December 2009

Ho ho ho! Christmas stock galore!

Hello folks!

I've been so busy making and attending craft fairs recently that I'm a little behind with updating my Folksy shop with my Christmas wares, but today I've had a few spare hours, so please go and feast your eyes!

Here's some of the delights on offer: