Saturday 12 December 2009

Christmas Card Discount

I've discounted my Christmas cards to £1 each as the time grows nearer. I was sad to not be able to get to any craft fairs today, so it's just Folksy all the way now. FREE Father Christmas badge with every order over £5, too. 'Cause, you know, I'm kind like that.

Just spent a very satisfying hour making paper chains. Well, more one, really really long paper chain actually. It's helped me start to not panic re. Christmas preparations, which are a little non-existent in our house so far. BUT! We're going to pick out our Christmas tree tomorrow. Christmas tree + two excitable kittens is going to be mayhem, but it has to be done - Christmas without a tree would just not be, well, Christmas.

As my friends know, if I'm stressed about ANYTHING at any time of the year, I have a nightmare about not being prepared for Christmas. It's usually a combination of having not bought presents, decorations not being put up in time, it getting to Christmas eve and the tree still not up etc etc. A dream I had a few months ago was that Christmas day came and went and I hadn't had a mince pie. And at the rate things are going, this nightmare might be turning into a reality...


  1. ohh no, hope everything comes together, which i am sure it will. we put our tree up today...altho it is lighless at the moment!

  2. Ahh, thank you :) It's actually all turning out okay - ever the one to needlessly panic, me! I hope your tree has been trimmed with some lights now, they're my favourite bit!


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