Tuesday 4 January 2011

A New Project: Illustweeting!

I came up with an idea last night, as I was drifting off to sleep, to do a little illustration every day and post it up here on my blog. Not that original, you might say. My brain said that too. So I carried on thinking "What could I draw? What theme could I have?" and "tweets" popped into my head. Well, it wasn't the first thing, but I shan't bore you with the precise cognitive process of a sleep-deprived illustrator who'd eaten cheese before bed.

So, thus is born my new project - Illustweeting! I can't promise it'll be every day (the proposal has already been met with raised eyebrows), but I'll try my best to come up with a quick sketch that illustrates one tweet per rising and setting of the sun. It's really just a bid to draw more, and the good thing about a tweet is that with 140 characters, you've got a ready-made caption!

Here's the first, from a tweet yesterday:

And the tweet: "I marvel at how my dad leaps into action when faced with taking down the xmas decorations. Putting them up is quite the opposite! Humbug."

Comments welcome! You can follow me on Twitter here if you aren't already: www.twitter.com/loupeajeux


  1. really great idea, can't wait for some randomly obscure illustweeting!

  2. Hehe, thank you! Yeah, there's going to be something bizarre popping up for sure!


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