Tuesday 26 April 2011

Cakes and Courgettes

Afternoon all!

Thought I'd share with you a few snaps I took over the weekend... mostly of my Easter cake (NB, the most problematic cake I have ever had the displeasure of creating) and some seedlings in the greenhouse.

First of all the cake:

Looks fairly pleasant, but my, the copious amount of butter-cream was for a reason - to hide many a flaw!!

Here's a couple of snaps of what's in the greenhouse at the mo, too:

I've been growing runner beans, dwarf beans, a couple of pumpkins, tomatoes, courgettes and sweet peppers from seed. This lot were planted about two weeks ago - the vigor of those beans has been quite remarkable! Unfortunately, some of the courgettes don't seem to have germinated (only four out of ten have shoots), so I'm not too sure what's gone on there...

Out in the veg patch there's lettuce, beetroot, carrots and potatoes that went straight into the ground and have been starting to germinate. My bedtime reading of late has been completely vegetable related! And I don't mind admitting I am quite concerned by the prospect of carrot fly. It would also seem that I haven't been particularly wise with my choice of planting location - potatoes like a different soil to carrots apparently, and mine are side by side. But we shall see, eh?! In the words of Edmund Burke "Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little." And who dares question a Burke?


  1. the cake looks simple fabulous and has made me hungry! x

  2. I fear it may look better than it tasted hehe - but thank you! x

  3. Who cares if there are flaws underneath as long as it looks pretty?! :) haha, sure it was tasty anyhow! Good luck with the growing, looks like you are doing well so far! x

  4. good looking cake lady.
    ive just started an allotment with my friend and im so glad that she is clued up about what veggies go where and when...otherwise the only thing id be growing would be weeds and mud pies.

  5. Cake looks so good!

    Can't believe I wasn't following your blog before. (I am now! Huzzah!) x

  6. Thank you all! Cake went down nicely, despite its multiple (well okay, four) trips in and out of the oven over the course of about two hours. :-[

    Veg patch is going okay, although I've been traumatised by wind-burnt runner beans! They're back in the greenhouse now, hopefully recovering. xx


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