Monday 4 July 2011

Oh my! July!

Hello folks!

Well, the whole month of June whizzed by without a single blog entry from me. *slaps back of wrist* I've been really busy for the past month working on submissions for card companies mainly, plus a few craft projects.

The good news is, sales have been going steady for my Running Like Clockworld art print, which you can find (and order, if you so wish!) on Society 6. In case you've forgotten what that looks like, here it is:

I also won a little competition in the month of June, which was exciting! Run by Paper Bicycle through the Illustration Rally blog - I entered one of my floral patterns (the one below to be precise) and won a lovely print and water bottle. (Very handy for transporting Martini, gin and tonic, WATER in over the summer months.)

I entered a card design with this motif into the Tigerprint Mother's Day card comp too, and was lucky enough to make it into the top 15:

I've also been engaged in the very time consuming process of making some paper birds for a private commission. All you collage-ers and paper cutters out there - I take my summer straw hat off to you!! Here they are so far - just a Mr Peacock to join this group:

They are all double sided, and as I'm sure you can imagine, very tricky to assemble with all the individually cut feathers. I made use of four different types of glue, depending on the size and material of each feather/foot/beak/eyeball etc and what it was being stuck to. I also made use of my eyebrow tweezers for placing some cut components, which are now also helpfully covered in crusty white glue-remnants. I will wash these before any future eyebrow plucking, lest I resemble this:

Which frankly, glasses aside, I am already nearing. Definitely got that hairstyle down to a T.

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  1. ohh wow! the birds are simply amasing, a really big well done to you


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