Tuesday 27 March 2012

New Card Designs

I've been beavering away quite quietly for the past few months since having been accepted by Advocate Illustration Agency. At the moment I'm largely working on greeting cards, gift wrap and other stationary items. As far as jobs go, it's great fun, and I've found myself striving to get better and better with each brief that comes through. So I thought I should really start showcasing what I've been up to, perhaps with a blog post once a week with some chosen designs. With this in mind, here's the first in what should be a series of posts!

This brief was for floral Valentine's cards. I chose a bright colour palette that I thought would shake up and stand out from the usual (and somewhat tired) red/pink hues associated with 'romance'. Really, I think the designs could be used for more than one occasion with the right caption, but hopefully they are a refreshing change to the usual hearts and roses. (Having said that, I also went down the hearts and roses road, ha!)

For the first time in a long time, I've started to play around with fonts again in my designs. Usually, they scare me. Too many designs have been ruined with the use of a naff font. Perhaps my choice isn't perfect, but I thought it was a good mixture of something bold, to work with the big colours, decorative, yet readable, and fun.

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