Friday 11 September 2009


I must apologise. I haven't started my "drawing-a-day" regime. I mean, I have been drawing, but I haven't got round to scanning and posting said drawings. I realise this is of little use. Naughty me. 

But the drawing I have been doing is good! Yesterday I drew 9 Pussy Cats in Party Hats, 5 Thoughtful Pheasants With Birthday Presents, 4 Ducks & Drakes Bringing Birthday Cakes, a series of 4 owl postcards aaaaand a party invitation. Lots of rhymes and witty things that I hope will be of some amusement to an audience wider than, well, myself. 

Other things to report.

Hmm. We have a new whistling kettle that's orange, which I find extremely exciting. It's not so exciting when you forget to put the whistley stopper on the end and wonder "Why isn't it whistling yet? Surely the water must be boiled by now? There's so much steam!" and nearly boil the thing dry. Oops. 

Pearl (the cat) is growing into a furry Sausage Dog. Never before have I seen such a long feline - I think she may be part ferret. Today she ate a bit of oat cake with red-pepper houmous. She also tried to nick an olive, but I was frightened her kidneys may collapse from salt intake, so I took it off her. Here's Pearl on her market stall, seller of quality woodland potpourri and authentic church candles: 

I'm going to go away now and add some colour to all the pictures I did yesterday. They'll be appearing shortly on my *new* sparkly website. I'll also be getting an Etsy account soon to sell mugs and badges and other nice things on. 

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