Thursday 3 September 2009

Where have those months gone?

Well well well. Here we are in September, and what a blustery day it is! I thought it was about time that I posted a blog update, as much for self-motivation than anything.
So. Fings wot are happenin.

The Two Lous are nearly together again to embark on their We Are Lou
ise project. Lots of lovely cards, gift wrap, badges, bags and bunting to show soon, the likes of which will hopefully will be on sale from October. We will also be exhibiting at Pigmented, a new Art & Culture festival in Leicester, hosted by my friend Yaqub and his business partner. What clever fellows they are. News of this can be found here:

I've been going back to painting recently, and am working on a series of canvases, the latest of which is this:

Nebulae are ace. *thumbs up*

And I've done a little drawing for a band called Yokoko:

More updates soon!

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