Monday 15 February 2010

Valentine's Weekend

Yes, I know Valentine's only really comprises of one date, but I managed to extend it over three days just for the sheer heck of it! Friday night saw my man-friend and I take a trip into town to see Imogen Heap play at the Junction, which was brilliant. I can't really do justice to her performance in this post, so I think I'll save it for a later date when I've got the pictures and videos uploaded.

On Saturday we had a cooked breakfast and then made double chocolate brownies (hurrrr) and watched a Tommy Cooper DVD after dinner. Nothing better than laughter accompanied by a full tummy!

Valentine's Day itself gave me an excuse to get crafty and produce a little bouquet with a bit of a difference:

Tahdah! A dozen sock roses. I need to get some better photos from my camera, as you can't see the stems here, but they were made from corresponding-coloured sherbet straws. Great fun to make and brought a cheesy and slightly taken-aback smile to the face of the recipient, who's a big multi-coloured socks fan! I thought it'd make a change from the usual commercial fluff. And then I surprised him with an indoor picnic, which was a lot of fuss, but a lot of fun, and I always think it's nice to make an effort. (Kudos to Sophie for helping me plan all this!!)

Today I took delivery of a stack of white crockery, which I need to get paining some designs on for my stall at the Camrbridge Made-It Market on Saturday 27th! Slightly difficult to get motivated after such a lazy, indulgent weekend... Sorry if I've made anyone vomit. Ha.

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  1. sounds like a wonderful day! exciting to see the crockery designs!


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