Sunday 28 February 2010

Made-It Market

What a weekend! I attended my first (and in fact the first) Made-It Market in Cambridge on Saturday and it was brilliant! A very slow start though, it must be said, which I think was really down to it being the first one and people not actually knowing we were there. Surprise! But a little later the sun came out, albeit briefly, and along with it some customers, a combination of utmost joy! Here's some pics of my stall:

So yes! I shall be there next month too, all being well, so anyone within traveling distance should make their way down to The Shop, Jesus Lane, Cambridge (exact date to be confirmed) to see some Lou Peajeux work in the flesh. And Lou Peajeux herself. With a few secret ideas up her sleeves... And there's lots of other beautiful crafts by other people too. Plus cakes!


  1. congratulations my dear! your stall looks fabulous...just so you know, your lovelies went down a treat on saturday! we've sent you a little message on folksy

  2. Oooh thank you! And that's great to hear! :D I'm away off to reply to you now... xx


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