Thursday 22 April 2010

May Made-It Markets!

Ooh, I do love a bit of alliteration!

That's right folks, there is not one, but
two wonderful Made-It Markets in the month of May! One on the 1st and one on the 29th, both Saturdays and both promising to be brilliant.

This will be my third and fourth consecutive market, and I've been thoroughly enjoying the whole experience - the camaraderie between the follow stall holders, the general friendliness of the browsing public, and the light and airy space, providing plenty of time for pondering, chatting, doodling and drinking tea. Each market just promises to get better and better as the word spreads and new and ever-increasing talented craftspeople set up stalls. And of course I'll be there, too...

So without further ado, here's the flier for the two events! Please come along if you're interested in craft, it's a fantastic day, and you will be welcomed with cheery smiles and an array of dazzling goodies to inspire you and fill your Saturday with handmade feel-goodness. I fear I may have just ripped off a drinks brand... Spread the word, tell your friends, find us on Facebook, stick us in your diary, print off a flier and tape it in your window/local shop/closest lamppost/forehead/bottom - in the name of all that is crafty!!


  1. This market looks brilliant - wish I lived nearer to Cambridge - might have to travel down sometime!
    Love your blog - it's so sweet!
    Love from

  2. Ooh, sorry Aimee, I only just spotted your comment! Blogger should notify you like facebook... Thank you for the compliments! The market is good fun - we're relocating in August to just off the market square in Cambridge. You should come, plenty to do around Cambs! :D x


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