Tuesday 9 March 2010

Lovely Fings!

Good morning you 'orrible lot. I've got soooo much to do today, but first things first. 1) Cuppa tea 2) Toast, liberally coated in Greens & Blacks chocolate spread 3) A spot of blog-writing.

I think I'll start with showcasing some lovely bits and pieces that have caught my eye recently. First off, my friend Holly's wonderful new shop Something Pretty on Etsy. Completely gorgeous, one-off jewellery items - lots of beautiful necklaces, earrings, bracelets and hair-pieces, all with a vintage feel, elegant yet quirky enough to stand out from the crowd. Here's a few of my favourite pieces:

This darling blue tit locket necklace - I think a must for Lou Peajeux, if only the little chap was sporting a white afro wig!

A nod to the past with this antique-style bust pendant - beautiful combination of coral and clean cream colours.

Charming gold, lemon and cream locket necklace with a lemon-yellow rose at its centre. Delicious looking, and perfect for Spring.

So be sure to check her out and get her creative career off to a flying start!

In other news, I'm attending a wedding this weekend, and have painfully pieced together an outfit from the long-forgotten garments in my wardrobe. It consists of a 1950's-style cotton dress, plus a netted petticoat, navy ruffle-fronted Topshop shoes and a jacket cunningly bought on Saturday, £15 from £35. I still need to sort out what I'm doing with my hair, but fear an elaborate fascinator will not only be out of my price-range at the moment, but also a little over-the-top with the chunky floral necklace I've decided to wear. But! In my ideal, fantasy world, somewhere between Wonderland and Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, where the weather is continuously clement and one can trade in Oompa Loompas, I would be wearing this feathered beauty. Behold:

By Janine Basil. Check out her Folksy shop here

Anyway, off I must go to complete my order of 50 teapot magnets for Mother's Day, and then on to redesigning my website with the wonderful Rosie and Lee! (More on this soon). 

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