Friday, 16 October 2009

Felty Friday: A Day For Crafting Rediscoveries

I've got some ideas for making brooches today, so am going to head off to the craft shop (literally down the road - lucky me!) to buy some felt to make them with. Then I need to rediscover how a needle and thread work. I'm also very very tempted to learn how to properly knit, since reading so many lovely blogs from knitters and seeing the wonderful variety of homely autumn knits now available on Etsy and Folksy and the like. I'm thinking a scarf may be a good place to start? Surely not much can go wrong there?

Having said that, I'm not starting from a particularly strong knitting background. The first thing I ever knitted when I was about 6 was rather unique. I had some lime green plastic needles and a ball of red wool, and armed with mother's knitting song of "In through the bunny hole, round by the trees, over the mountain and off to sea", I managed to knit a small, knotty square, no bigger than 2 inches in width or height. Somewhat pleased with my efforts, and a little impatient to continue whilst there were other more exciting things to be doing (like pouring glitter into the carpet to make it sparkly), I decided to tie a length of elastic to my creation and wore it over my nose. This was my 'nose warmer'. I'm surprised it hasn't caught on! Maybe I should patent it...

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