Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Kate Walsh Gig

Last night I travelled up to Norwich to see Kate Walsh play at the Norwich Arts Centre. Beautiful gig, the sound was just fantastic. Only minor black spot was some tall prat in front of me who wouldn't shut up criticizing her. Thankfully he left after about ten minutes, leaving the rest of us to enjoy the music. Why do people like that exist!? Grr. Anyway, here's a very small photo that I managed to get. It looks like I was ages away, but was really quite close.

I got the chance to briefly meet her afterwards, too, and she signed my copy of Tim's House. Now a prized possession! Ohh, if I could morph into that lady, I happily would. 

A nice Welsh chappy called Al Lewis was her support act, with another beautiful Welsh lady, Sarah Howells, who has one of the best voices I've ever heard. I think if she could have conveyed any more feeling into that voice of hers, tears would have been trickling from her microphone. Goosebump worthy. My favourite song from them was called Skin & Bones and was on repeat for most of my journey home!

Today has been a big dark void on my recent burst of crafting activity. I just don't have any motivation. I'm considering just buying another guitar and becoming a singer instead.


  1. sounds like you had a great gig! i know what you mean about annoying people, i went to a gig recently and someone behind me said can you move out of the way please i cant im short so i dont think i was too much in the way and also...its a gig...people kind of get in each others line of vision..especially at the front which was where we were!

  2. How silly! This reminds me, bizarrely, of when I went to see Sesame Street on stage with my auntie when I was about 6. I had a felt Bert on a stick. And the woman behind me told me off for waving it because she couldn't see... So my auntie got hold of my arm and made me wriggle it about some more, haha! Cringe...


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