Monday, 12 October 2009

Unusual Sightings

Today I did a spot of drawing in my 'studio'. I put those quotation marks around it because it's really a very dire excuse for a studio. It is in fact the spare 'oom, (land of wardrobe, although no wardrobe, just gazillions of books). Anyway, my desk sits under the window, giving me a lovely view across the fenland fields. The field directly in front has a herd of bulls in it; four black, three tan and one brown. And not an udder between them! (You'd be right in thinking I spend a lot of time looking at those bulls.) 

So, as I was gazing out of the window and drawing, a strange sight caught my eye - that of an old gypsy caravan, one made of wood, with flaky red paint, being towed down the road. It was very pretty, in a quaint, unusual kind of way. I often think I would like to have my illustration studio in a converted gypsy caravan, that'd be quite amazing. And I could wear hooped earrings and a headscarf and eat sugar-cube sandwiches. I don't know how accurate gypsies eating sugar-cube sandwiches is, but my mum always used to tell me that when she was a little girl, she used to go and play with the gypsies and have them for tea (the sandwiches, not the gypsies) and ride around on their ponies bareback.

I digress.

A while later, perhaps an hour or so, I saw the second odd sight. A trailer packed sky-high with parsnips, trundling down the road too. My, I thought, it's all go out here. 

Perhaps the highlight of today was making a really delicious lunch - Spanish Omelette, which I have not had since I was at uni months ago with my dear friends Sophie and Katie. Those girls did make a mean Spanish Omelette. So in honour of them and the delight of omelette tea-times, I took a bunch of photos documenting the making process. Yummers. Enjoy!  


  1. i love the insides of gyspy caravans! have you seen star dust? the witches caravan in it is amasing, a fabulous yellow inside!mmmm omelettes, i used to work in a pub, in the kitchen, and i always made the omelettes...they were spanish ones too!

  2. I've never seen it, no! I just watched the trailer on Youtube though, and it looks really good - definitely my kind of film, I'm going to have to get it now, thanks! How did you make your omelettes? I suppose strictly speaking what I made wasn't a traditional Spanish omelette on account of all the chorizo and veg, but mmmmm, it did taste gooood! xx


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