Friday, 30 October 2009

Tut tut tut...

It's been a while! And I feel I really need to update my bloggy blog with crafty things, as that's meant to be its purpose first and foremost, instead of my cat obsession. Meow. So what do I have to tell you. Well, I'm designing some postcards at the moment to send to publishers in the vain hope of getting some illustration work. That'd be nice. Will post them up when they're done.

At the beginning of the week (Monday) I designed some invites for my friend's sister's birthday:

And on Tuesday it was my birthday:

Twennyfreeeeeee. Cryyyy, I can't believe it. That's so old. So in rebellion I saw Up at the cinema! Bloomin' marvelous! 3D! Funny specs! On top of specs! Crunchy M&Ms! Couldn't have got much better.

Wednesday I went to Cambridge and got bought some chocolate fudge:

(Excuse the camera phone picture quality.)

Yesterday was "Desperate Research Day". You know one of those days when you just think "What on earth am I doing? Why are there so many illustrators out there who are better than me? Why am I not producing things that I like? How can I get paid for drawing?" etc etc etc. So I made an extensive list of people to contact and things I want to do and now, today, I am GOING TO DO THEM! Also made some curried butternut squash soup:

Shall report back with my progress. 

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