Saturday, 17 October 2009


Hello all - today we got a new kitten! The newest member of the Peajeux household is young Fifi. She's ten weeks old and small and cute, as kittens ought to be. We thought she and Pearl could be companions for one another, lookin' out for each other, huntin' flies together, sleepin' sound together etc. 

Anyhow, here's Fifi (one of four - her siblings are called Mimi, Kiki and Pipi):

And yes, that is her litter tray. She seemed to want to sleep in it!


  1. What cute names and such a cute little kitty to go with it. My littlest has just been kissing all the cat food tins at the supermarket. Think she'd like a kitten too.

  2. :D Thanks you two! And Sarah - how sweet! A sure sign of kitty needs.


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