Friday, 16 October 2009

Today I Made...

Fiveeeee teacup caaaards. 

Ate four Cadbury's Roses, drank three cups of tea, had two slices of cheese on toast and made a special brooooooch.

These cards are now available from my Folksy Shop. And they'll be available as prints from next week. 

On to the brooch! It took far longer than I expected it to take. It comprises of blue, teal and silver tiny beads stitched on to pale blue felt, with a turquoise blanket-stitched edge. I've also got a nice shiny turquoise box to put it in. Observe:

Now, when Pearl heard my camera clicking away, she just couldn't pass by the opportunity to get in a few shots. Anything for attention. Seriously, I didn't put her here - she arranged herself. I might have put the brooch on her head, but she said she didn't mind. She agreed that it also made a fetching head decoration.


  1. your cat, and brooch, look great! i would like a cat alot but im stupidly allergic to them! rubbish luck!

  2. Ohhh, how horrid! I'd hate to be allergic to cats. I've recently been diagnosed as gluten intolerant though, which sucks big time. No cakes and biscuits for me! *sobs* And I love them soooo muchhhhh... It seems being a crafter comes hand in hand with loving cake!


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