Monday, 19 October 2009

Grey Monday

What a horrible grey day. So chilly! I cracked out the woolly tights today, had to be done. I'm off to choir in a bit, tra la laa! Looking forward to a bit of a singsong to lift the spirits. On the subject of lifting the spirits, here are a few recent photographs:

Graphic potato! Raised a chuckle yesterday!

Fifi, Queen of Slumber (and my hand).

Silly, but had to be done!

Pearl and Fifi! Almost looking like friends... think it's going to take a while longer... 
(Look at Fifi's little squishy face!!)

In other news, I really really really really would like a screen printing kit or, ideally, a Gocco Print. Swoon. Literally have no funds though. It's a dire time. 


  1. tell me about the no funds! its rubbish isnt it!?

  2. gawd. that is one expressive spud.

    ps- word veri is mantati lol little play on words!


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