Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Where I'd Like To Work

Having finished university quite some months ago, the small remains of my student loan have been eaten up buying badge machines and card supplies and tickets to see My Fair Lady (this might need a blog of its own!). Obviously my dream is to make enough money being a full time illustrator. The reality, however, is proving somewhat different. 

Anyway, this is a long-winded way of saying that my ideal place to work at the moment would have to be somewhere like Ark, a gorgeous vintage gift shop in Cambridge. It's full of inspirational, beautiful things, and I could fit part-time shifts there around my drawing and craft making. And as it's such a gorgeous shop, I thought I should post a few photos up here too! 

Outside their Norfolk Street shop. (Photo found on their website.)

And outside their St Mary's Passage shop, off the market square. 
(Again, photo found on their website.)

I'd rather like one of these travel rugs to take on an Autumn picnic. 
© Ark Home & Garden Ltd 2008

If you'd like to see more of their splendid things, visit their website.

And try not to drool over your computer screen like I did! They've got a brilliant vintage clothing section on the top floors of each shop too, which is always good for a rummage - some wonderful glasses and umbrellas! Oh, and they play 1940s music, which I always want to dance to with the nearest available HYM (handsome young man). Which also reminds me - Polka Dots and Moonbeams, my favourite song of the moment, which is ironic  considering how old it is!


  1. I just noticed that I have a new follower - thank you! I have enjoyed looking at your blog too. Your badges are so cute! I would love to work at a shop like those ones too. Do you think it would be as good as it looks? You might spend all your earnings on shop goods! Bet your house would look great though.

  2. Hello! Yes, I have gone a bit mad recently with the discovery of blogs - so much to read about and lovely things to look at from creative people like yourself! You know, I think you're right about working in somewhere like Ark; I'd end up exchanging my salary for their stock. Sooo good though. Thank you for liking my badges, I love the look of your makes too! Oh and your cake-making - superb!

  3. I love Ark (both of them). I always visit when i go to Cambridge. x


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